Maintenance is vital to the smooth running of the UK’s rail operations. Working alongside our customers, Bombardier’s Services teams have forged a market-leading position in the important area of train life-care and support. 


Our 1600 service employees based at 31 customer locations and sites around the UK, support train operators across the country delivering the essential maintenance, servicing, upgrades and improvements which ensure optimum performance, reliability, efficiency and longevity for our customers’ fleets.

Examples of current fleet maintenance contracts include the support of the entire Voyager fleet, operated by Cross Country and the West Coast franchises, with overnight maintenance performed at our dedicated Central Rivers site in Staffordshire. Bombardier also provides fleet maintenance, supported by its award-winning ORBITA predictive maintenance capability, for train operator London Overground from the New Cross gate depot near London. Bombardier’s support of London’s train operators during the Olympics resulted in record levels of availability and contributed to Bombardier winning the National Transport Award 2013 for supplier of the year.

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London Overground

  • Fleet Management

    We can provide total fleet maintenance and take responsibility for all customer requirements, from refuelling and cleaning to depot management and full maintenance requirements and spares provision, including full availability and reliability standards.

    A total fleet maintenance package can include:

    • Full depot and warehouse management including strategic procurement, logistics and supply chain management
    • Maintenance and vehicle scheduling across one / multiple fleets
    • Monitoring and optimising vehicle and material performance
    • Provision of personnel for preventative and corrective maintenance
    • Component repair and overhaul, including Asset Life extension, structural repairs and Traction motor rewinding.
    • Heavy maintenance including c4 and c6 overhauls, vehicle upgrade and repainting.
    • Asset life management
    • Round the clock support for vehicle optimisation
    • 24/7 help desks
    • Condition based maintenance
    • Failure and reliability reporting tools

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    Fleet Management

    Services for Optimum System Performance

    Maintaining system availability is crucial to ensuring an efficient and competitive rail operation. With a worldwide team of highly skilled services personnel, Bombardier consistently provides its customers with quality support throughout a system’s lifetime. Our global knowledge-sharing network spans 28 countries and has over 200 international customers. We can supply local site facilities and people to connect with any aspect of operations and maintenance.

    Our key fleet maintenance locations:

    The Malsters, Burton on Trent
    The Malsters in Burton on Trent houses our team of project managers, sales, legal, human resources and management support teams for the Services business in the UK.

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    The Malsters Factsheet

    Central Rivers:
    Central Rivers is located in Barton-under-Needwood in Staffordshire and is the principal maintenance centre for the Voyager diesel electric multiple units (DEMUs). The site, opened in 2001 following a €45 million investment, maintains the Voyager and Super Voyager Class 220 and 221 DEMUs, providing consistently award-winning levels of reliability and availability.  A total of 360 staff service rolling stock provide overnight maintenance of around 20 serviced trains.

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    Central Rivers Fact Sheet

    In addition, our fleet maintenance teams work alongside our customers at the following depots:

    New Cross Gate, London – London Overground fleet
    East Ham, London – c2c
    Etches Park, Derby – East Midlands Trains
    Haymarket, Scotland – First Scotrail
    Ramsgate, London– South Eastern
    Crofton Wakefield – FTPE/Hull
    Croydon, London – Croydon Tram
    Neasden, London – VLU/SSR
    Northumberland Park, London – VLU/SSR

    Old Oak Common

    Our construction of the maintenance depot for Crossrail at Old Oak Common, when fully operational, will support 80 jobs to maintain the new fleet of 65 AVENTRA trains with a 32 year maintenance contract. 

  • Technical support and Materials supply - Looking after every part and subsystem

    We have an extensive global logistics network and excellent long-term international relationships with system suppliers.

    Our services can be tailored to suit all requirements and resources, whether it is a material solution, or a more complete planning and logistics package encompassing technical support:

    • Complete materials and logistics management for a designated business segment or vehicle fleet. Including the care of warehouses, and ensuring materials are produced efficiently, effectively and on time.
    • Parts planning and optimisation. This optimises inventory levels and helps to forecast performance.
    • Component repair or upgrade.
    • Spares supply (sourcing, delivery and installation of parts).
    • Complete system rehabilitation
    • Software upgrades
    • Technical support including provision of manuals regarding maintenance and component overhaul
    • Total system audits

    Our expert engineers also visit customer sites to advise on parts usage and maintenance schedules.

  • Asset Information and Management Services (AIMs)

    Bombardier uses asset intelligence plus operations data to drive enhancements across our customers’ operations, encompassing fleet performance, fleet costs and improving the passenger journey experience.

    Bombardier’s AIMS combines real time rail asset data with cross-fleet engineering knowledge to provide operational intelligence

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    AIMs datasheet

    ORBITA – predictive asset management, the future of fleet maintenance

    ORBITA is a ground breaking capability that combines data gathered from rolling stock with Bombardier’s fleet knowledge and engineering expertise to enhance the active management of vehicles, infrastructure maintenance, performance and operation. This award-winning technology combined with Bombardier’s Automated Vehicle Inspection System (AVIS) enables train operators to move towards condition-based maintenance.

    Major benefits

    • Enables the pro-active identification of problems
    • Converting data into meaningful information enables better maintenance planning.
    • Quicker investigation times can significantly reduce operating costs.
    • Maximum fleet utilisation and availability ensuring that trains run on time, every time, and passengers enjoy a better travelling experience.
    • Access to specialist technical staff with expert vehicle knowledge.
    • Materials management – lower material costs, reduced parts stocking and inventory.
    • Contributes to new levels of operational efficiency, service availability and train reliability.

    Key features

    • A unique combination of information systems, telemetry and processes, ensuring a faster, easier and more efficient communications and management system.
    • Advanced telecom systems to locate vehicles and transmit information.
    • Intelligent use of historic data enables access to proactive, accurate real-time information.
    • Trains fitted with vehicle-based sensors that gather and transmit performance-related data for analysis.
    • Flexible choice of information delivery using GPS, web, SMS and B2B communication systems.

    Energy saving solutions

    Bombardier’s commitment to discovering new and better ways of saving energy means we have a wide variety of solutions. Our strategy is one of continuous development with the aim of establishing solutions that have the most positive impact on energy efficiency now and in the future. Examples of key developments include Metering and Management Support.

    Combining creative thinking with advanced technology, Bombardier’s metering system will be suitable for retrofit to existing vehicles, both diesel and electric. Combined with the power of ORBITA’s data collection and analytical tools, customers will be provided with easy to understand consumption information and advice. This ability will give the operator a much clearer view of how and when their vehicles consume energy. Crucially, expert data analysis provides the steps necessary to conserve energy with immediate impact.

    Key Operator Benefits

    • Significant savings in energy usage allows a more cost-efficient operation with greater profit margins.
    • Enhanced energy efficiency contributes to sustainable transport systems, assisting operators in fulfilling environmental corporate social responsibility objectives.
    • Modular system design ensures flexibility - operators can choose the perfect solution to match their needs - from metering hardware to a comprehensive energy management package.
    • Advanced analysis converts data into management information and energy saving action steps.
    • Bombardier Transportation’s Services Division works closely with operators to provide the best advice and guidance on energy management to tailor systems to individual requirements.
    • Continued investment into research and development maintains Bombardier’s on-going capacity to assess industry requirements and meet changing operator needs with innovative solutions.
  • Asset Life Extension

    Vehicle refurbishment and modernisation extends the life of a fleet, increases operational reliability and provides a more comfortable and modern environment for passengers and staff.

    Bombardier Transportation's vehicle refurbishment and modernisation solutions can cost-effectively update a fleet to include the latest technology, such as passenger information and entertainment systems, as well as upgrading the interior and mechanical equipment:

    • Mechanical upgrades
    • Electrical upgrades
    • Diesel propulsion packages
    • Vehicle retrofit packages
    • Vehicle heavy overhaul
    • Crash damage repair
    • Vehicle life cycle extension
    • Interior upgrades
    • Upgrades to heating, ventilation and air-conditioning
    • Passenger Information Systems

    Our key asset life extension/heavy maintenance locations:


    The Ilford depot carries out essential heavy maintenance including overhaul, re-engineering and life extension programmes for rolling stock. Much of this work is carried out on the Stansted Express, Class 315 for Greater Anglia, Class 317 rolling stock and Class 365, among others. The Class 365 trains carry 86,000 people daily and are completely overhauled at Ilford, working in partnership with our Crewe depot. 

    The Ilford site is being upgraded and modernised from January 2014 with a new paint facility, 25kV test facilities and creation of a 3300 square metre warehouse and logistics support centre.

    The site will also provide stabling for the Crossrail fleet. The improvements will give the yard a capacity for 12 Crossrail trains to be stabled at one time,

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    Ilford Factsheet


    Working closely with our Ilford depot, which offers vehicle upgrades and asset life extension, Bombardier’s facility at Crewe represents the company’s Centre of Excellence for Component Repair and Overhaul (CRO) Services in the UK

    Our 270 employees are integral to providing critical heavy maintenance. Many of our experienced staff have spent 20-25 years at the depot and take great pride in the site’s ‘100% on time delivery’ rating.

    The Crewe facility activities encompass the overhauls of wheelsets, bogies, AC and DC motors as well as rewinds of DC motors, larger contracts will also see overhaul work for items such as pantographs, compressors and other ancillary components. The facility is also engaged on continuous improvement initiatives on Bombardier’s fleets as part of the way the company supports the operation of its products in an integrated manner.

    Currently each week the Crewe facility produces approximately 120 wheelsets and 45 bogies on a single shift for fleets throughout the UK. The facility can cater for a broad spectrum of fleets, from older BT legacy to the latest generation passenger fleets.

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    Component re-engineering and overhaul

    Bombardier has deep expertise in the re-engineering and overhaul of core vehicle components and systems. The management of key vehicle systems and components impacts the life cycle cost, improves vehicle availability, performance and the residual value of the asset. Bombardier provides an efficient overhaul and develops system improvements that create incremental value for operators and asset owners.

    Rail vehicles are regularly taken to the workshop for maintenance and repair during their lifetime to ensure safe and reliable operation while maintaining asset value. Overhaul programs are often a more cost-effective alternative compared to investments in new rolling stock.

    For example in the UK, Crewe and Ilford sites perform complete vehicle upgrades featuring the overhaul of bogies, wheelsets and traction equipment including the rewinding of motors.