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  • Diesel Electric Multiple Unit, Class 220 “Voyager” - United Kingdom
  • Diesel Electric Multiple Unit Class 222 “Meridian” & “Pioneer” - United Kingdom
  • ELECTROSTAR - United Kingdom
  • FLEXITY 2 – Blackpool, United Kingdom
  • FLEXITY Swift – London-Croydon, United Kingdom
  • FLEXITY Swift – Manchester, United Kingdom
  • INNOVIA APM 100 – London Gatwick Airport, UK
  • INNOVIA APM 200 – London Heathrow Airport, UK
  • Light Rail System – Nottingham, UK
  • MOVIA metro – London, United Kingdom
  • Metro – London, United Kingdom
  • TURBOSTAR- United Kingdom

Diesel-Electric tilting train Class 221 '' Super Voyager '' - United Kingdom

In a similar way to the "Voyager" trains, their successor the "Super Voyager" is in service with CrossCountry and for Virgin Trains between Birmingham and Brighton. The 44 four and five section diesel electric drive units were delivered in 2002. In contrast to the predecessor vehicles, the Class 221 uses a completely new generation of internally supported bogies, which, at the same maximum speed of 200 km/h, are considerably lighter and more track-friendly than those fitted to the Voyager. This has the advantage that the operator must pay considerably reduced track charges which, in the UK, are dependent upon the axle loadings. A second innovation with regard to the successful "Voyager" vehicles is that the "Super Voyager" is fitted with tilting technology. In addition to reduced running noise and reduced wear in operation this new generation also realizes a reduction in journey times. In addition to the supply, Bombardier is also responsible in this project for the maintenance of the vehicles.  


Virgin Trains
93,700 mm (4-car unit)


116,700 mm (5-car unit)


2,730 mm

Max. Speed

200 km/h

Seated Passengers

174 (4-car unit)

super voyager-diesel-electric multiple unit-techdraw