Future / Concepts Projects

Our UK engineering, manufacturing and services locations throughout the UK have been at the forefront of rail technology and quality for decades.

Our ongoing investment in our people, resources and equipment mean that we continue to innovate and drive the evolution of mobility across the UK.


Since September 2012, we have harnessed the best of our UK engineering expertise and our global technologies to develop the new BOMBARDIER AVENTRA product platform, a modern era train for the UK that will deliver iconic design with optimised performance. Our new and latest generation Electrical Multiple Unit (EMU) will offer significantly reduced weight, optimised energy consumption, reduced maintenance costs and high reliability, when compared with current UK best-in-class EMUs.

AVENTRA was wholly designed and developed in the UK following significant research and consultation with industry stakeholders including train operators, asset owners, passenger focus groups and infrastructure operators.

Bombardier then pooled the findings of this research and embarked on a joint design and development initiative with a dedicated cross-functional team of 100 personnel including procurement, manufacturing and maintenance experts, who worked closely with core suppliers with the aim of creating the fastest, smartest and most economical platform in modern rail.

As well as delivering an innovative design, in order to be flexible to customers’ needs, the key features of AVENTRA are modular, from the features and functions in the driver’s cab to the interior layout and design. The flexible interior and plug-and-play systems enable train operators and owners to easily change elements throughout the life of the train, from mid-life upgrades to weekly interior re-configurations to match demand.

This means AVENTRA will be capable of being easily modified for different market requirements, ranging from a 90mph metro train to a 125mph intercity train. Even fundamental elements, such as the layout and length of each carriage, and the number of doors, can be altered within the framework of the core AVENTRA design. Regardless of the differing train configurations and functions, all versions of the AVENTRA product will share the same innovative systems and components.

AVENTRA will incorporate the advanced BOMBARDIER FLEXX Eco bogie design. Developed in the UK, the FLEXX Eco bogie is the only proven inner-frame lightweight bogie in operational passenger services today. As well as being lightest in class, the FLEXX Eco bogie has lower unsprung mass that contributes to lower wear on track, wheel sets and components

The introduction of the FLEXX Eco bogie will make a significant contribution to the comfort and speed of the AVENTRA, as well as reducing the overall weight of the train. The FLEXX Eco bogies will also contribute to achieving AVENTRA’s estimated 40 to 50% lower maintenance costs than existing high performance ELECTROSTAR trains

The flagship East-West London Crossrail project will be the launch customer for the BOMBARDIER AVENTRA. Each Crossrail train will be just over 200 metres in length, made up of nine carriages and able to carry over 1,500 passengers. Key features of the new high-capacity Crossrail trains include air conditioning and inter-connecting walk-through carriages. On-train passenger information systems will deliver real-time travel information to allow passengers to plan their onward journeys. The new lightweight Crossrail trains will be built with an emphasis on energy efficiency and use of intelligent on-train energy management systems.