UK Graduate Program

UK Graduate Program

UK Graduate Program


If you think you can make it faster, we’re right behind you.

The UK Graduate Program is a development program which prepares passionate and talented individuals for a future role within our company. Its long-term purpose is to fill Bombardier Transportation’s future global talent pipeline as a key element of our competitive foundation for great talent globally.

The Graduate Program is generally two years in length with the Graduate Trainee moving from their Home Function, into various Host Functions in order to gain experience and competence. The structure of the graduate program has been created to allow flexibility for the individual. Each rotation can be as long or a short as is required for you to meet your development needs. The first six months give you grounding in your Home Function as it is generally anticipated that this is where your First Appointment will be when you complete the programme.

By having an expert mentor, you will receive the continuous support and training needed to gain a relevant professional accreditation. Within a short time, you will be ready to apply your talents to an even wider range of projects.

Overview of graduate schemes

  • Engineering

    Our Engineers across the world work to meet and set market trends. We ensure that we have the best products to exceed our customers and passengers expectations in terms of not only technical performance but also competitiveness.

    By creating products and services that make the most intelligent use of energy and materials, we partner with our suppliers and meet our customers’ demands for more energy-efficient, less emission–producing products with optimal safety, reliability, passenger comfort as well as cost efficiency. We are the only company in the UK that has the capability to design a train from a blank piece of paper, build the train and maintain it throughout its life cycle.

    Joining Vehicle Engineering, Vehicle Systems, Train Control/Software Development, Safety and Reliability or Engineering Management and Quality, you will initially complete a two year intensive development programme. Alongside your contribution to the success of the team, the rotations in the business will encompass the entire product selection, development and service operation life cycle.

  • Quality

    Quality is a cornerstone of the strategic positioning of Bombardier Transportation as market leader and key for meeting customer expectations. The aim of the Quality career path is to create experts in the field of quality with outstanding leadership skills.

    You will join a two year intensive training programme with a series of rotations around our business providing a solid grounding in all aspects of quality, including: engineering quality assurance, project management, business improvement, operational, and supplier quality. By taking an active part in various product, process and system related improvement projects, you will develop a full understanding of the Bombardier Integrated Management System, master a set of quality tools for real life problem solving, and gain knowledge of project management tools and their practical application.

    With an experienced Mentor to guide you and a variety of training modules to aid your development, you will work towards gaining a professional qualification while also building both technical and interpersonal skills.

  • Procurement

    Today Bombardier Transportation’s Procurement teams operate complex supply networks, design and implement sourcing strategies, manage and develop suppliers and ultimately take a leading role in internal and external collaboration within Bombardier Transportation’s organisation.

    Structured and flexible Procurement career paths encourage cross-functional exchange and ensure successful career development. Furthermore, the exposed position of Procurement within Bombardier Transportation's organization generates unique opportunities for talented individuals to develop leadership skills, responsibilities and drive them to use their full potential.

  • Project management

    Bombardier is a project orientated business. We deliver unique products and services to well known customers with increasing complexity. Project Management combines many different specialities, each of which contributes to the flawless execution of our projects to satisfy our customers.

    As a graduate within project management you will have the opportunity to develop a broad range of skills as you immerse yourself in the project management life cycle. You will join a two year intensive training programme with a series of placements around the business and within the PM community, providing a firm foundation in the application of Project Management knowledge, skills, tool and techniques. Placements typically include: Bids (how we win work), commercial (how we manage our contracts, and project costs) and operations (how we meet the commitments made to the customer).

    On the job learning is complemented by a modular personal development programme. Supported by a mentor you will work towards gaining a relevant professional qualification.

  • Rolling stock and equipment

    As part of the Train Control Management System (TCMS) team, a TCMS engineer is involved in eliciting customer requirements, supporting with system design and architecture, overseeing software development, driving system testing and achieving software and system approval. The UK team is the front face of the division, providing a link between the UK projects and the worldwide development and testing team.

    Engineers discuss and understand incoming requirements from the functional team and from customers whilst working on the design documents and presentations for the UK portfolio. As part of the projects, engineers oversee the software development, assisting with technical clarifications, managing defects or understanding test issues. There is also the opportunity to oversee vehicle control simulator testing, support with train testing and get involved with approvals.

  • Services execution - Engineering

    At Bombardier, on behalf of our customers we are responsible within Services Execution for the maintenance and safe delivery of trains into service on a daily basis from our Fleet Maintenance Depots. Integral to the success of our Business in defining the correct strategy, and working with all parts of the Supporting Functions to ensure the smooth running of our Fleet Maintenance Depots. We are also working closely with our customers to reduce costs to maximise the train life cycle through remote based monitoring.

    While in Services Execution you will make the most intelligent use of energy and materials, we partner with our suppliers and meet our customers’ demands for more energy-efficient, less emission–producing products with optimal safety, reliability, passenger comfort as well as cost efficiency. Not just once but throughout the complete product life-cycle.

    By joining Services Execution Engineering, you will have placements in all of our Fleet operation location in the UK (London area, Ilford, Central Rivers, etc) and in the Engineering department based in Derby. You will initially complete a two year intensive (IET or IMechE accredited) development programme. During this programme, whilst providing a tangible contribution to the success of the team, you will undertake a series of rotations around our business encompassing the entire product selection, development and service operation lifecycle. 

The starting date is September of each year.

 As an ideal candidate, we would be looking at you having:

  • A Bachelor or Master Degree in the required fields, with excellent academic track record
  • Work or Internship experience, preferably in railway or in a similar industry
  • Drive for innovation, teamwork, flexibility and achievement orientation
  • Engagement and passion for the railway industry
  • Be open to work in different business areas/ locations
  • Fluency in English.

We want to meet people with excellent analytical skills and a passion for making things happen, people that will show us real enthusiasm, coupled with an eagerness to learn and drive their careers forward. If this sounds like you then this could be your fast track to a long and rewarding career with the best in the industry.

To apply for the UK Graduate Program please check application period on our website. Application period for the UK Graduate Program 2020 will start in a the next months.



Graduate opportunities

Develop your skills and acquire valuable experience in a fast-paced, challenging and results-driven, global organisation.

Bombardier offers development opportunities to passionate, ambitious and talented graduates within a number of areas of our business.  We are committed to developing graduates through a combination of rotating assignments and on- and off-the-job training.  Our tailored training programmes facilitate team-working on some of the most exciting projects within our business.  Graduates will get the opportunity to familiarise themselves with different areas of the business, contribute ideas, and make a real difference to our organisation.

The company will encourage you to maximise both your professional and personal growth.  As well as gaining valuable, hands-on experience, you will get support with coaching and mentoring to progress your personal development.  In fact, you’ll receive all the training you need to become accomplished in your specific field.

We have no current graduate opportunities in Aerospace.



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