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Claas - Head of Project Planning, CEE Division

Claas - Head of Project Planning, CEE Division

In Bombardier we have many talented people working for us in different areas and we would like you to meet them. Today meet Claas who is Head of Project Planning for our CEE ROS (Central & Eastern Europe Rolling Stock) working for us in Hennigsdorf, Germany.

What is your role at Bombardier?

I am the Head of Project Planning for our CEE ROS (Central & Eastern Europe Rolling Stock) division. I am based in Hennigsdorf, Germany.

Tell us about one of your projects.

As a Head of the Planning Team, I oversee a number of projects in our division. One of my recent projects was the S-Bahn Hamburg project. For that project, we developed a new metro train for the city of Hamburg and will deliver 60 three-car trains to our customer, Deutsche Bahn.
As the Lead Planner within this project I led a team of interdisciplinary planners responsible for production, engineering and procurement planning. My core task was to integrate a number of detailed schedules into one master schedule to ensure that we would meet the customer’s requirements and expectations.

What do you enjoy about being a Project Planner?

Working as a Planner is always very interesting since your task is to make detailed plans and integrate activities across a variety of highly specific functions. This way you learn a great deal about a project. Also the planner is a core function of the project team and has a close contact to the project director. Plus, planning is always a great opportunity to collaborate with colleagues from other Bombardier sites, and we are always looking to improve our processes and identify best practices. Recently, my team and I worked closely with our colleagues in Derby, UK to develop a planning approach for one of their main projects.
Working as a Planner is also great to build understanding how the larger project really works – you follow the project right from the bid stage through design, assembly, testing and homologation up until finally delivering our trains to the customer.

What would you say to a person considering a career in railway?

The rail industry is cutting edge technology. I actually began my career in the automotive and nuclear industries, but was surprised when I learned first-hand that the rail industry is no less complex or fascinating than those fields - partly because so many different sub-systems go into a train. When working on a rolling stock project you work with complex systems like bogies and propulsion, but you also need to be able to work with complementary technologies like the latest in HVAC and software. So from an engineering perspective, rolling stock is just as challenging and advanced as nuclear energy.

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