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Please note that the career development process may differ at Bombardier Belfast. Please find additional information below.

At Bombardier, your future is yours to define. As one of our 68,000-plus employees, you’re not just someone who works here… you’re one of the people who drives our success. That’s why we’re committed to attracting and retaining the right talent by providing an environment to develop a fulfilling career at Bombardier.

We’re a global organization with a diverse workforce – more than 100 nationalities speaking 65 languages – and our ears are always open to fresh ideas from our employees that align with our core values of integrity, commitment to excellence, customer orientation and shareholder focus.

Twice a year, we perform competency based performance evaluations and you and your manager will have an opportunity to define personal short- and long-term objectives. Since we use the same evaluation system worldwide – all positions, all business units, and all locations – we ensure equity across the organization.

If you’re interested in working elsewhere at Bombardier, there are plenty of opportunities within our truly global company.


Wherever you are on your career path, there are opportunities for personal and professional growth, such as tailored internal and external training, further education programmes, challenging assignments internationally and at home, as well as performance-management and business-related development programmes.

We recognise that enhancing and managing your career is an ongoing lifelong process.  By creating a personal career development plan, you can set goals and objectives for your own personal growth.

Through our Further Education programme we will support your development using innovative, top-quality teaching methods and learning materials.  You will be able to choose from a range of certificates, diplomas, foundation degrees and degrees available in engineering, business and management. 

Our one-to-one processes and appraisal programmes will provide you with the means to identify your strengths and weaknesses, create your own personal development programme and, with the support of our Training Department, identify the appropriate training and development to improve your performance and personal growth. 

We are committed to providing all that is needed to ensure you realise your ambitions and maximise your potential.


In addition, colleagues can potentially benefit from the following, depending on their individual development journey:

Sponsorship for Further Education

Bombardier Transportation will consider requests for sponsorship towards further education from all employees.

The purpose of the sponsorship programme is to focus on vocational qualification based education, which is relevant to the individual’s current career or future aspirations.

Study Leave

Bombardier Transportation has in place a Study Leave policy which is available to all employees undertaking a Company supported education programme, as part of their professional development.

A maximum entitlement of 5 days leave per annum is available, to be taken around the time of examination.

A full copy of the Study Leave Policy can be obtained from your Human Resources Department.

Professional Subscriptions

Bombardier Transportation is willing to reimburse the full cost of annual subscriptions to a number of recognised Professional Institutions, and this list of recognised institutions can be obtained from your Human Resources Department.

Performance Management Programme (PMP)

If you are working in a salaried position, your training will be reviewed on an ongoing basis through the Performance Management Process (PMP).

The PMP is the annual appraisal programme whereby individuals can discuss achievements, performance against objectives and any personal development needs.

If you are working in a manufacturing staff position, your training needs will be regularly reviewed by your team leader.

The Company will try to support and appropriate requests for personal development where possible.

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