Maintaining our world-class performance, competitiveness and track record of excellence and innovation requires strong collaboration across our value chain. That’s why we work with high-performing suppliers to build rewarding partnerships based on trust, respect and recognition.

Current Suppliers

Bombardier is one of the world’s most successful corporations, and an effective and efficient global supply chain is one of the reasons behind its success.

Our Current Suppliers add real value to our aircraft solutions and our customers services. Together, we share a commitment to excellence and innovation and focus on surpassing our customers’ expectations.

Potential Suppliers

If you share our values and believe you can be part of our success, please visit our potential suppliers section where you can find out more about our Suppliers Qualifications and fill out the Supplier Pre-Selection Form.

Supply Chain

Bombardier Belfast has a European supply chain of around 900 approved suppliers. More than 800 are based in the UK and Ireland and in 2017, we contracted them work worth around £200 million.

We are committed to developing our supply chains to ensure they remain competitive and able to deliver increased value to customers. As a signatory to SC21 (ADS 21st Century Supply Chains), we work together with other members to harmonise how supply chains are developed and accredited, and how performance is measured and relationships improved. We encourage colleagues in the industry, including our customers and suppliers, to join SC21 as both signatories and active participants.

The programme provides Gold, Silver and Bronze industry level awards that are recognised as being the standard of excellence across the aerospace and defence industries, and are awarded to companies who have reached levels of excellence in service delivery and manufacturing quality. Beyond improvements to supply chain effectiveness and annual turnovers, award recipients in Northern Ireland have also benefitted from closer collaboration. Those companies are working together to tender for much larger contracts which will, in turn, support continued business growth. For further information on SC21 in Northern Ireland, please contact Leslie Orr at

Bombardier Belfast also supports the joint government and industry Aerospace Growth Partnership (AGP), which led to the launch of the UK Aerospace Industrial Strategy. The strategy aims to promote long-term growth, boost the number of skilled jobs, and enable the UK to foster innovative technologies to ensure it remains at the forefront of the global aerospace industry.