Bombardier Belfast specialises in the design and development of complex advanced composite and metallic aerostructures in all classes of civil aircraft and all categories of structure, including fuselages, wings and engine nacelles.

Our experience in the design, manufacture, certification and aftermarket support of advanced composite components spans around 45 years and our current composite manufacturing portfolio comprises some 30 components including wings, horizontal stabilisers, engine nacelles, landing-gear doors, and flight control surfaces such as flaps, ailerons and elevators.

Following a complex research, development and test programme, Bombardier Belfast is manufacturing the primary structural components of the C Series aircraft composite wing using its patented Resin Transfer Infusion (RTI) process. The wings are the largest and most complex composite structures manufactured and assembled in the UK using this particular technology. 

The development programme also included producing a full-scale, three-quarter span, pre-production, demonstrator wing, which was successfully tested to ultimate load, replicating 150 per cent of the most severe forces the wing is ever likely to experience in service. The data collected from all the tests was then used to optimise the design of the production standard wings. 

Our Experimental and Ground Test facility carries out development and certification testing of structures and systems.  Structural work covers both composite and metallic materials and ranges from components to major assemblies.

Our approvals across design, manufacturing and maintenance include European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) for design, production and maintenance; Transport Canada Civil Aviation Authority (TCCAA) for maintenance; as well as Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) for foreign repair stations. The Belfast site also holds approvals from Aruba, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands to support its Mobile Response Team, who provide AOG maintenance on Bombardier Global, Challenger and Learjet 60 jets.